Home Wok Ranges: Q&A

Since we’ve received a few questions about Home Wok Units, we wanted to share some answers with our readers. If you have more questions, leave a comment below or email us. Without further ado, here’s our question round-up!

1) What is the highest BTU rating you can use safely indoors with an average sized kitchen and normal ventilation?
The highest BTU rating you can safely use indoors is 30,000 BTUs for the home. 30,000 BTUs works well (and is safe) even without a pro ventilation system. We don’t recommend that you go above this level for a home kitchen.

2) Would your home wok unit work with residential gas line?
Yes, absolutely.

3) Is 30,000 BTUs too high for a home unit?
No, as long as it’s certified. Our home wok range units are CSA certified at up to 30,000 BTUs. Make sure that the wok has safety features in place. For instance, our Professional Home Wok Range (RYC #168) has several key safety features: 1) each wok is individually tested before shipment; 2) it uses an electronic ignition switch; and 3) it features a push-and-tern safety knob.

4) When will we see a video that showcases your home wok?
Soon! Since this video has been highly requested, we definitely plan to make a video.