All the way from Finland!

Today, we’re excited to share a customer success story from Finland.

Earlier this year, a gentleman contacted the Robert Yick Company about fabricating a Chinese Wok Range.  He planned to open a Chinese restaurant in Finland and needed a 6-bowl wok range & a rice cooker table.  After searching online, he came across the Robert Yick Company and followed-up with us by email.  Soon after, he visited our office in San Francisco, where he met with Joe and brought some sketches for inspiration.

Robert Yick Company built a customized version of the wok range.  We transported the fully assembled products to Finland by ship.  The wok range & rice cooker table arrived in Finland in one piece.

We absolutely loved working with this Finnish gentleman!  It is always a great pleasure and an exciting experience to do business with clients across the world.

Photos (before shipment):