Working with Chotto SF

Recap:  Robert Yick Company works with Chotto SF

Situated among Steiner street’s famous eateries in the Marina, Chotto offers a tasty 8-section selection of Japanese dishes. A long bar lines the left side of the restaurant, which also displays its fresh oysters on-ice.  Our favorite plates were the bacon mochi, the saba mackerel, and the ramen to finish off the meal. We loved the quick service – especially since we ordered so many dishes – and the beautiful aesthetics.

Robert Yick Company built stainless steel equipment for Chotto’s kitchen.

Here’s what we made:

  • stainless steel wall lining
  • dishwashing section
  • oyster bars
  • pot sink
  • tables
  • shelves

Chotto is located at 3317 Steiner St, San Francisco CA 94123. For more information, visit: