Sol Food: a San Rafael Treat

It’s been a while since our last blog post, so we want to kick-off the new year with one of our favorite restaurants: Sol Food (on Lincoln street)

From the day Sol Food opened its doors, this Puerto Rican restaurant created a food frenzy in San Rafael. A bustling atmosphere, loyal customers, and long lines are characteristic of the brightly-colored restaurant. The hype is well-deserved: 700+ reviews on Yelp serve as a testament to Sol Food’s delicious cuisine and popularity. We’re big fans of the plantains, especially the Mariquitas – thinly sliced, fried crispy plantains.  Even the rice is delicious!

Robert Yick Company worked on the Sol Food kitchen from October through February.

Here’s what we made & installed:

  • stainless steel tables: chef prep tables and regular tables
  • pot sinks
  • lowboy stock pot range
  • countertops, exhaust systems
  • shelves
  • stainless steel wall lining

Sol Food is located at 901 Lincoln Avenue, San Rafael. For more information, visit:

Low boy range:

Chef Prep Table:


Table with Shelves