Thanks for Visiting! (website recap & fun facts)

Dear friend / client / intrigued internet wanderer:

Thank you for visiting our site —  we truly appreciate it.  For the past 3 years, we’ve shared photos, blog posts, projects, and interesting tidbits.  As it turns out, you’ve been viewing our pictures, reading our blurbs, and watching our videos… and we could not be happier! We monitor this website using Google Analytics so we can understand to our audience & give you the best possible experience.

I wanted to share some fun findings about our visitors.  Since you are such a fantastic, diverse collection of people, we thought you might enjoy hearing how other people use our site.

57 Countries:  people viewed our site from  57 different countries. We’ve had visitors from Latvia, Brazil, the Philippines, Denmark, Sweden, and Chile… among many others!

Chinese Wok Ranges:  our #1 page is our Chinese Wok Range. It’s the most visited page on PLUS, many visitors find us on Google by simply searching for Yick woks. Woks are great – we’re glad you like them.

iPads: It turns out that quite a few of you use iPads. iPads are our #1 source of mobile traffic, beating out the #2 iPhone (and all other phones, for that matter). Our visitors are gadget savvy (or Apple fanatics).

Google + Yickcompany: Visitors find our site through two ways: 1) searching for us on Google (“robert yick company”) or 2) skipping the middleman and heading directly to Either way, we’re just happy you found us.

Mac / PC: Our visitors are split down the middle when it comes to computers. It’s almost 50-50, with Mac slightly edging out PC for the operating system of choice.

Every day of the week: I sifted through data to understand what days of the week our visitors view our site. Good and bad news: there’s no pattern… you guys are all over the place! Our site gets viewed mostly Monday through Saturday, with high traffic spikes varying daily. Perfectly fine with us!

Since we made our first site in 2008 (it was rudimentary and roughly coded in HTML), we have learned a lot. JD Yick contributed some beautiful pictures, while our president has even snapped some great photos on his own. We even have a Twitter! We’re changing to match our customers, so feel free to leave us feedback and suggestions! Thanks for joining us on this ride. We’ll be rolling out some big changes in the next few months, so stay tuned!


Robert Yick Company (and Alex)