Chinatown YMCA

By September 5, 2010 Recent Stories 2 Comments

Robert Yick Company recently finished a project that has long been close to our hearts: the YMCA of San Francisco in Chinatown.  The Yick family has a long history with the YMCA, dating back to the 1940’s when the Yick family helped build the Chinatown YMCA.  Joe Yick (owner of Robert Yick Company) took swim lessons at the Chinatown YMCA as a child. Today, he continues to be a lifetime member.  We are proud to contribute to an organization that is so vital to Chinatown’s community. Both Robert Yick Company and the Chinatown YMCA have operated in San Francisco for 100 years.

Robert Yick Company designed, fabricated, and installed the YMCA’s kitchen.

We created several custom items:

  • island cooking station
  • island prep station
  • 2-bowl wok range
  • stainless steel wall lining
  • hood.