Event: SF Chefs 2010

On Friday evening, we were lucky enough to attend the “SF Chefs 2010” Event (San Francisco’s premier food, wine, & spirits week). The atmosphere was festive and energetic and there was no shortage of delicious dishes and colorful drinks. SF Chefs 2010 took place inside a “tasting tent” at Union Square; the interior was bustling with food enthusiasts and live music. Each chef and wine & spirit maker had his/her own booth, where they prepared bite-sized samplers for the full house. The event was “green” in almost every way: from the abundant compost bins, to the plant displays, and the consistent emphasis on sustainability and local food.

We saw many wonderful restaurants & chefs participating, including a few of our clients! Quick shout-out to Slanted Door (Chef Charles Phan), Frances (Chef Melissa Perello), A16 (Chef Liza Shaw), & Roam (Chef Lynn Gorfinkle). Everyone at the event did a FANTASTIC job. I took some photos of the event (below)

The SF Chefs website describes San Francisco’s restaurant culture beautifully:

“San Francisco is and always will be a major influencer for food and wine trends, food politics and the sustainability movement. It is a community rich with farmers, writers, winemakers, spirits distillers, artisans and vibrant independent chef owned restaurants. The population is well-educated, diverse and appreciative of great food and good living. Mild weather ensures quality produce year-round. The moderate climate is also perfect for growing grapes, and Northern California is recognized as one of the top wine producing regions in the world. A devotion to social consciousness has led the area to become the epicenter of sustainability in farming, fishing and ranching. Rounding out the natural bounty is Pacific Ocean seafood from just outside the Golden Gate, one of the richest fisheries in the world.”