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In the past few weeks, users have been posting comments & questions on our youtube videos. We’d like to thank you for asking questions and giving feedback. Our goal is to help people learn about chinese wok ranges and to offer useful information. Please continue to comment and ask us your interesting questions — we love having engaging conversations.

The hottest topic, by far, is the “home wok range.” Youtube viewers have asked us about: BTUs, cooking capabilities, and safety. Given the demand, we will roll out some videos about home wok units in the next few months.

Thanks for watching! We’re almost at 3,000 views… pretty amazing. Maybe we’ll be YouTube sensations soon :) (kidding, of course).
In case you missed it, here’s the video.

  • david regmi

    hello there i am looking for two hole chinese wok range for my small restaurant… do you have anything like that in stock rather then customizing it and I have to wait for some weeks…. because i have a situation that I will have to have very soon.


  • portofino44 .

    Hello Rick,
    We have plans for a restaurant and now my bride will not have any other Gas Wok in her kitchen, you do great work by the way. How can I find out more about what it will take to have one shipped? Thanks so much for the site, be patient, sometimes ‘sensational’ You Tube sites take time to get that way:)

  • http://www.wokdocs.com Alex

    Hi James,

    Thanks for the kind words! You can email us at info@yickcompany.com or give us a call at 415-282-9707. We’re more than happy to give you details about shipping and any other questions you have.